Malcolm Arnold died over the weekend.  He was a deeply troubled man who had a remarkably productive life against the odds.  He was, in my view, the most underrated symphonist of the post-war 20th century.

New York Times obituary.

A far more colorful obituary from Australia.


BBC Tributes.

An excellent interview/profile from last year by Pliable.

3 Responses to “Malcolm Arnold, 84”
  1. So is Malcolm Arnold responsible or John Paynter, then?

  2. Alan Theisen says:

    How sad.

    Playing Arnold’s “Four Scottish Dances” in high school (9th grade)was a life-changing event. I dug the piece so much that it inspired me to try writing for wind ensemble.

  3. Tom Myron says:

    I am truly sorry to read this. I understand that he was a very troubled man. He was a fascinating and very great composer.