Should you find yourself in the vicinity of Williams Hall at the New England Conservatory tonight at 8:30, the Callithumpian Consort is playing Alvin Lucier’s Small Waves for string quartet, piano, trombone, and feedback, an hour long investigation/hallucination of microtones, sonic beatings, and water pouring.  (Sounds like your tax dollars at work on a normal day at a CIA detention camp.)

Survivors of the water pouring and sonic beatings will then get to hear John Luther Adams’ Strange Birds Passing for 8 flutes and …And Bells Remembered for 5 percussion

Alvin Lucier will be present to explain himself.

2 Responses to “Sonic Beatings in Boston”
  1. Evan Johnson says:

    On second thought, I see they’re doing a similar concert on october 10. all is forgiven. well, some is forgiven.

  2. Evan Johnson says:

    C’mon, Jerry, give us more notice next time… very sorry to be missing this.