Hot Bootleg of the Month

An awesome recording of Frederic Rzewski’s “Coming Together” in a live performance by the Crash Ensemble with Gavin Friday.  Picked up directly from Rzewski himself in Kansas City by Scott Unrein.  Not available commercially.  Rzewski says it’s his favorite recording of the work. 

And you can listen to it, or download it, here.

Update:  I cheated and fixed the spelling of Fred’s name.  Be sure to check the Workspace for a new commissioning prize.

10 thoughts on “Hot Bootleg of the Month”

  1. Thanks! Interesting performance.

    My personal preference is always going to be the original Opus One LP with Steve ben Israel (speaker), Karl Berger (vibraphone), Alvin Curran (piccolo trumpet), Jon Gibson (alto sax), Joan Kalisch (viola), Garrett List (trombone), Frederic Rzewski (piano), and Richard Youngstein (bass). It has the energy of that particular period, and i don’t know that any subsequent performance could capture it that way. Just my bias.

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