I’m told that some of you are having problems with the comments drifting across the page in Internet Explorer.  I use IE 7, the latest version, and they scroll perfectly for me.  If you’re using an earlier version of IE, you might want to download and install IE 7 to see if that helps.  If not, let me know.

Also, some of you are getting mixed signals from the RSS feeds–some of which come from the old Blogger setup and some from the WordPress pages.  Here’s a directory of all the feeds from the site:

WordPress Blogs

Front Page   http://www.sequenza21.com/index.php/feed/
Composers Forum  http://www.sequenza21.com/forum/?feed=rss2
CD Reviews http://www.sequenza21.com/cdreviews/?feed=rss2
Calendar http://www.sequenza21.com/calendar/?feed=rss2
Charles Griffin   http://www.sequenza21.com/latvia/?feed=rss2

Blogger Blogs

Everette Minchew   http://www.sequenza21.com/rss5.xml 
Anthony Cornicello  http://www.sequenza21.com/acrssfeed.xml 
Alan Theisen  http://www.sequenza21.com/atrssfeed.xml 
Stefanie Lubkowski  http://www.sequenza21.com/slrss.xml 
Jeffrey Sackmann  http://www.sequenza21.com/jsac.xml 
Rusty Banks  http://www.sequenza21.com/rb.xml  >
Rodney Lister  http://www.sequenza21.com/jrl.xml  
Brian Sacawa  http://www.sequenza21.com/rsfeed.xml 
David H. Thomas  http://www.sequenza21.com/dht.xml 
Jacob Sudol  http://www.sequenza21.com/js.xml 
Blackdogred’s Indie Beat http://www.sequenza21.com/bib.xml 
Jay C. Batzner  http://www.sequenza21.com/jcb.xml 
Tom Myron  http://www.sequenza21.com/rss9.xml 
Lawrence Dillon  http://www.sequenza21.com/ldfeed.xml 
The Naxos Blog  http://www.sequenza21.com/naxos.xml 
Elodie Lauten  http://www.sequenza21.com/elfeed.xml 
Jeffrey Biegel  http://www.sequenza21.com/rssfeed1.xml  
Places of Light  http://feeds.feedburner.com/PlacesOfLight

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