The kids done good.  I was proud.  Thanks to all of you who came out–we actually had a crowd–and to all the wonderful musicians who played their hearts out.  It was a great evening.  David Toub has the early bird report here.

See Jeff Harrington’s pictures from the concert.

20 Responses to “Do You Still Love Us This Morning?”
  1. Samuel Vriezen says:

    WELL! I’m back in Amsterdam finally, and I can just get started to digest the wonderful experience that the whole NY trip has been for me, most particularly of course the already-legendary S21 concert, an event they will be blogging about for centuries to come. I enjoyed meeting the Persons Behind The ASCII, and tremendously enjoyed the concert – I have great memories of the other pieces, a varied bunch, which to me made the 2 hours of music seem to pass very fast indeed – and I even enjoyed my own piece, but I was playing in it and that makes enjoying it perhaps a little too easy (I suffer from stage fright only when I’m in the audience, never on stage)

    I hope to be back for one of the next of these events… many thanks to all of you who were involved in organising this!

  2. Hugh Sung says:

    More pictures from my camera (which was thankfully returned! lol) can be found here:

  3. andrea says:

    so sorry i didn’t make it out for this. i was in the building, rehearsing. glad to hear it went well despite a lack of bios. cheers!

  4. David Salvage says:

    I definitely assume some of the blame here. Apologies to all performers.

    But, musicians, you can rest assured that your involvement with S21 is not a one-night stand. We have a big site here. And when you’re playing some contemporary music in the future, you should tell us about it, and we’ll tell cyberspace about how wonderful and incredible you are.

    Even had performer bios been in the program, you did US a favor Monday night, and we owe you. So, please, keep in touch. We’re looking forward to the future.

  5. Anthony’s performance on YouTube (1 minute excerpt – all I got).

  6. david toub says:

    I subscribe to Hugh\’s blog via RSS—it\’s a great site, even for those of us who are not into Tablet PCs. 😎

  7. Wow, just found Hugh\’s article about the concert thanks to the P5 (the glove) list:

    Video will be up shortly raw and then I\’ll try and YouTube it in a bit. It\’s not great video, but you do get some of the flavor of Tony\’s performance.

  8. No, sillies… it’s because I’m using no flash in low light without a tripod with a lot of zoom. The trick is to take lots of them and see which ones are interesting. Notice the ones from a distance aren’t shaky… Sheesh! 😉

    Anyways… I also have about a minute of video of The Gloved One. I’ll try and YouTube it this weekend!!


  9. Anthony Cornicello says:

    This was a great event. I’m hoping it’s the first in a series.

    I’m sure the blurriness in Jeff’s photos of me are the result of all the light bouncing off my shiny head….

  10. It’s very nice to have these shots, Jeff.

    It’s also nice to know that even technology wizards can take blurry pictures.

  11. Boy, I look _extra_ dorky in that picture.

    Good show, everybody 🙂

  12. DJA says:

    Thanks, David. Obviously I’m very happy about that.

  13. David Toub says:

    Hey Darcy, congratulations on your CAP grant! That’s great!

  14. DJA says:

    I had a great time, and the music and performances were very strong. Kudos.

  15. that was fun! when’s the next one?

  16. David Toub says:

    Hey Jeff, thanks! The photos of Hugh. Bill and Daniel doing objects came out much nicer than mine did. I didn’t take any others since the flash somehow came back on after it had been turned off, and I didn’t want to take the risk of it going off again.

  17. Last night’s pics, some are a mess, but some are almost as good as Jerry’s. 😉

  18. Wow, I didn’t know I looked that good in orange.