Tonight’s the big night.  The kids have worked hard and it’s going to be a great show.  I hope to see you all this evening at the first ever Sequenza21 Concert, CUNY Graduate Center, Elebash Recital Hall, 34th and Fifth Avenue. 7:30 sharp. 

The street address, by the way, is 365 Fifth Avenue.

13 Responses to “Le Jour de Gloire est Arrivé!”
  1. Richard Buell says:

    Sounds like the greatest event since the Resurrection! Why am I not there? Curses!


  2. By the time Jerry’s done with his (sic) soliloquy it’ll be 7:38! 😉


  3. hey! don’t start on time!! concerts should start late!! i promised a friend who has a conflicting concert tonight that i would come see his dress rehearsal up at MSM, so i’ll be down just in the nick of time, but maybe a close 7:38pm… looking forward to it :0

  4. Tom Izzo says:

    Best wishes to everyone involved in the concert. I look forward to reading about it in the upcoming days. Break a leg!

  5. Steve Hicken says:

    Good luck to all those involved!

  6. David Toub says:

    Hey, I’m grabbing a train into Penn Station for just after 6, meeting an old friend who’s also coming to the concert (and who also knows Frank Oteri—something about six degrees of separation, I guess), and hopefully getting a good seat at the concert. I’m looking forward to finally meeting in person a lot of people I’ve gotten to know very well, but only virtually. At this point, I’ve only actually met the others on the concert committee and Jacob Sudol (when we had a quick middle eastern lunch in Montreal last year); I’ve never actually met Jerry, so this should be quite interesting. Definitely bringing my digital camera for the occasion.

    If I don’t stay too long at the reception tonight, it’s only because I have to get back to Wyncote, PA and go to work in the morning. Real life intrudes eventually, unfortunately.

  7. Nathan Bibb says:

    I really wish I could make it, but there are several personal issues keeping me in NJ tonight. I sincerely hope someone will record the performance, though – including Jerry’s warm up!

    Best of luck, everyone!

  8. Jerry Bowles says:

    Look for it at Tower.

  9. Rob Deemer says:

    Good luck tonight – unfortunately the commute from OKC is a tad rough, so I’ll have to wait till the DVD hits the shelves!

  10. Eric Lin says:

    Can’t make it as I’m in MA now. Nonetheless, good luck! Sounds like a great concert.

  11. David Salvage says:

    Concert starts at 7:30, y’all. You’ll want to get there right then, because Jerry’s going to warm up the crowd for us.

  12. ‘Gloire’ is misspelled.

  13. Steve Layton says:

    Break a lip!… (or a finger, whichever…) I forgot to send along that big cardboard cut-out of me, that you could prop up in one of the seats. But I’ll synchronize my watch & channel a few good thoughts your way from Seattle just before curtain.