Fresh from the lede in a New York Times article this very morning (“provocative star turn”), Corey Dargel is performing tonight at The Tank, 279 Church Street btw Franklin and White in Manhattan. 

Corey will perform new and unreleased material including “policy-anthems” in alternative tuning systems and a set of songs about the Virgin Mary. Joining Dargel are composer/violinist Jim Altieri and expert videographer Oleg Dubson.

Kamala Sankaram and Squeezebox will present bloodletting, an original horror film with live music, depicting (it says here) the tension between artmaking and the daily survival of young working artists. Borrowing from the stylistic sensibilities of German expressionists like F.W. Mirnau, the film’s unsettling visual environment provides a poignant frame for Sankaram’s intimate and deceptively simple songs.Dargel and Sankaram open the evening with two songs from Nick Brooke’s Tone Test, a chamber opera for two vocalists and phonograph, based on experiments in which Thomas Edison invited audiences to compare the sound of his newly invented phonograph to the sound of a live singer. Tone Test premiered at the 2004 Lincoln Center Festival.

If any of you can attend and want to write about the show for S21, send Corey a note and he’ll get you in free.  If you haven’t seen Corey in action, you should.  I saw Streisand in Funny Girl in 1963 (my first Broadway show) and she was pretty good, too. 

3 Responses to “More Famous Than You or Me”
  1. Now that makes sense, “alternative tuning systems” could be tuning a guitar to an open D chord. 😉

  2. Corey Dargel says:


    “Unequal temperaments” would be a more accurate description. It’s my fault. “Alternative” is so, like, nineteen-nineties!

    yrs, Corey

  3. What exactly do you mean by “alternative tuning systems”?