My friends, this is heaven. 

(Thank Kevin Leong.)

7 Responses to “Bjork Rinds”
  1. Eric Lin says:

    Wow…that’s all I can say.

  2. Tom Myron says:

    Culinary? Orff? O for tuna!

  3. Sparky P. says:

    And as if that wasn’t enough (and golly-gosh, would it be), Sir Chris Villars, the keeper of the Morton Feldman website, sent this culinary gem:

  4. David Salvage says:

    Orf. Didn’t he write “Our Mean Pirana”?

  5. mattvb says:

    You’ve seen the puns, now wear the shirts. Show ’em where you’ve surfed by buying a T-shirt! LINK

  6. Scott W. says: