It’s that time of the year again, folks, when composers around the world turn their attention to Los Angeles, with bated breath, waiting to hear who is, in fact, the greatest composer in America and the world this year. Who has advanced the art, who has raised the human spirit, who has earned his (yes, pretty much always, it’s his) place in musical history.

That’s right, it’s Grammy time.

And the nominees for “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” [sic] are:

Boston Concerto
Elliott Carter
(Oliver Knussen)
Track from: The Music Of Elliott Carter, Vol. Seven
[Bridge Records, Inc.]

Golijov: Ainadamar: Fountain Of Tears
Osvaldo Golijov
(Robert Spano)
[Deutsche Grammophon]

The Here And Now
Christopher Theofanidis
(Robert Spano)
Track from: Del Tredici: Paul Revere’s Ride; Theofanidis: The Here And Now; Bernstein: Lamentation

Paul Revere’s Ride
David Del Tredici
(Robert Spano)
Track from: Del Tredici: Paul Revere’s Ride; Theofanidis: The Here And Now; Bernstein: Lamentation

A Scotch Bestiary
James MacMillan
(James MacMillan)
Track from: MacMillan: A Scotch Bestiary, Piano Concerto No. 2

Place your bets.

9 Responses to “Come on, you know you care, a little bit…”
  1. Meil, are you the Best Instrumental Soloist on that recording?

  2. Over in Category 100 (Best Instrumental Soloist Performance with Orchestra) you can hear me play snare drum and wood block on Messaien’s “Oiseaux Exotiques” with the Angelin Chang, John McLauglin Williams, and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony.

    On the topic, I enjoy Macmillian’s work a lot.

  3. Tom Myron says:

    “…I have to say … this list of folks isn’t too far off, relatively speaking, from the nominees in the major pop-oriented categories…”

    Funny, that’s exactly what I thought when Sir Harry ripped everybody a new one at some award ceremony last year.

  4. Whoever wins should be very pleased, and whoever doesn’t shouldn’t sweat it. Forget about winning, getting a Grammy nomination is a signal that you’ve risen about as far as this profession will let you.

  5. Weirdly, The Grand Rapids Symphony was nominated in Category #106 … for Classical Crossover.

  6. Eric Lin says:

    I love how Robert Spano pretty much has a guaranteed Grammy win. Regardless, I’m with you Evan…I hope Carter wins.

  7. Daniel says:

    I’m cheering for Theofanidis.

  8. Evan says:

    And the Grammy goes to… Golijov, I have to assume; but I am rooting, of course, for Carter (and for Bridge Records).

    Bridge is also nominated in a couple other categories for the Lieberson “Neruda Songs” recording.