Right now — just maybe — on Contemporary Classical Internet Radio, there might be the broadcast premiere of a string piece by Arnold Schoenberg. Is this the big moment? Find out here. (Thank Glenn Freeman.)

Speaking of Arnie: yesterday I lugged a bigass score of Erwartung on the 2 train from Brooklyn College all the way to Borough Hall, then paraded it down Court Street. Crowds gathered to cheer my progress, women threw themselves at my feet, and a wine merchant presented me with a bottle of his best. Now I know how Schoenberg himself must have felt all those years!

Meantime, Jay Batzner is laying “devastation throughout the verdant countryside,” and Jacob Sudal has pictures. In the Composers Forum, so far the “nays” have it in the Great To Beam Across the Barline debate.

Oh — and for some reason I can’t post a comment to my previous post. Chris Becker, your answer is here.

One Response to “On Thursday, the Ogre erwartet devastating commentary.”
  1. Chris Becker says:

    Hey – great. Thanks, David. Ableton is like any other instrument, you have to dig in and spend a lot of time with it to make it your own. And there are PLENTY of things that you can do with it beyond syncing up wav files to a click. I’m sorry I won’t see/hear Ashley’s performances – but I am very familiar with his other works. Thanks again.