Nice burble of activity going on here. Way to keep the fires burning, people.

Robert Zimmerman’s learning how to take the heat over in the Composers Forum. Click on comments: some heavyweights are weighing in.

A charming post from Jeffrey Biegel, who’s performing Lowell Liebermann in Germany. I wonder what all the Kool Kats in Deutschland think about our Lowell.

Anthony Cornicello digs the five-octave marimba; Naxos’s hawking some Virgil Thomson; Jay Batzner’s uncovered a copy of the long suppressed video of Einstein on the Beach. Huzzah! Makes me long for a Lego Lohengrin. (Paging Robert Wilson!)

And just below Steve Layton has the real deal from South of the Border.  I wonder if having CD reviews on the home page constitues illegal immigration.  

(Boo!  Hiss!)  Tough crowd.

And Gottschalk has top billing in CD Reviews.


I’ve got some serious dissertating to do over the weekend. Aren’t you glad it’s a long one, too? When I told my ear training class they had off because of Abraham Lincoln, one orange-haired genius said: “We should shoot all the Presidents!”

Jerry’s back next week. Poor guy’s in San Diego.

3 Responses to “These are the days, my friends.”
  1. J Biegel says:

    Lowell´s music is loved in Germany. I mistakenly posted the critique at Mr. Cornicello´s blog–

  2. David Salvage says:

    Uh — I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    (Acutally, I had gone a little truthy on my first draft up there. The real in-class discussion did concern Abraham Lincoln. But then late last night I had myself convinced Monday was Presidents Day. So I applied the truthiness. Then this morning, after your comment Jay, I bothered to look at my calendar.)

    And thanks.

  3. Jay Batzner says:

    Wait, isn’t President’s Day next Monday?