I have the following CDs available for review:

Philip Corner – Extreme Positions – The Barton Workshop

Stirling Newberry – Xaos and Capricorn -Two string quartets on each.  (Steve Hicken not eligible since he wrote the intro)

Terry Riley – In C – Ars Nova – First version with voices

Da Capo package (3 CDs) – Langgard, Pettersson, Romantic Trombone Concertos

Huang Ruo – Chamber Concerto Cyle – ICE

John Adams – Complete Piano Music

Recipients must accept (and review) a second CD of my choosing.

Serious inquiries only.


15 Responses to “Free CDs”
  1. Ivan Alarcon says:

    I would please like to review
    Da Capo package (3 CDs) – Langgard, Pettersson, Romantic Trombone Concertos
    Im in colombia south america, is there a way you can send them , i love classical alnd trombone concertos, also Chelo concertos but then access to music here is very much limited

    would love to try it


    Ivan alarcon

  2. roy kalish says:

    I would like the Huang Ruo CD.
    I’ve done some reviewing for EAR back in the 80’s,and love the music of Chinese-American composers,Tan Dun, Zhou Long,Chen Yi,Bright Sheng,Ge-Gan Ru.etc.
    Roy Kalish

  3. Looks like I’m a little late for this, but just found it. Would love to review Philip Corner. Keep me on a list for future reviews!

  4. Sarah Cahill says:

    Hi Jerry- I could review the Adams and Riley discs, if you haven’t already assigned them to someone else.

  5. Wolfgang says:

    where can I post this? There are porn sites on the workspace page…this is not cool. I hope they will be removed. Thanks, Wolfgang

  6. Wolfgang says:

    I would love to review any CD for you guys. Thanks, Wolfgang

  7. Not only will I write a review, I can feature them on “modern Music Overnight” on classicalmusicbroadcast.com

    thanks, kelly

  8. Danny Liss says:

    I’m pretty anxious to hear the In C with voices, and have been meaning to ask about reviewing here for a while.

  9. zeno says:

    Since I certainly don’t need any more free CDs, I just paid Bridge Records $15 for their latest George Crumb release of orchestral song cycles with Ann Crumb.

  10. Eric Lin says:

    Hey jerry, I don’t know if you remember me from a while back. But I’d be happy to review the Ruo.

  11. Jerry Bowles says:

    Matthew/John (What happened to Mark and Luke) Send me your mailing addresses. sequenza21@gmail.com


  12. Steve Hicken says:

    I’ll take whatever you want to send me, Jerry.

  13. John Clare says:

    I’m with David, whichever you don’t send him, the Reich, Adams or Corner, I’d be happy to review.

  14. Matthew says:

    I’ve never bitten on this before, but I’m guessing those Romantic trombone concertos could use a good home. I’ll take it.

  15. david toub says:

    Jerry, I already have the Riley release and would be happy to review it. I have two Wolpe reviews from the discs you just sent me that I’ll get to hopefully later this week.

    But I would definitely be interested in the Adams and Corner.

    I got here first, yes? 😎