Well, okay, so it’s recorded but we now have in-house music for your dining, dancing and surfing pleasure thanks to our friends at the American Music Center and their new Counterstream Radio.  Click on the blue thing with the white toilet seat in the right column and up will pop a dandy little player that delivers an amazing variety of “new” music–in the broadest possible sense.  If your tastes run from Judith Lang Zaimont to Cecil Taylor to Miguel Frasconi, you’ve come to the right place.  Nice going Frank, Molly, Ian and gang.

Lots of neat things happening involving some of our favorite people this week at the MATA Young Composers – Now festival in Brooklyn.  Brian Sacawa and Jenny Lin are playing in tonight’s performance.  Alex Ross will lead a panel discussion before Saturday night’s concert. 

Grant Gershon’s L.A. Master Chorale is premiering an extremely ambitious work by Christopher Rouse at Disney Hall on March 25th– a 90 minute Requiem for double chorus, children’s chorus, baritone soloist (Sanford Sylvan) and large orchestra.  A couple of weeks ago Grant gave an informal talk on the piece at the piano for the chorale’s board of directors. An enterprising staff member videotaped it, edited it and posted it on Youtube.  Good stuff.  Have a look and listen.


4 Responses to “Live…From New York”
  1. Graham Rieper says:

    I think this will be sufficient warning.

  2. Grant Gershon says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks so much for posting this. We’re all really eager to get the word out about the piece. It’s really something special!

    All best,
    Grant G

  3. Alex Shapiro says:

    For any S21 readers in the L.A. area: I’ll be interviewing Mr. Rouse backstage at Disney Hall on Friday the 23rd as part of the American Composers Forum of Los Angeles “Composer to Composer” series which we host when composers have premieres with the wonderful Los Angeles Master Chorale. The chat will go from 4pm-5pm, and at 7pm we’ll reconvene to attend the rehearsal (“Requiem” premieres on Sunday). This rsvp-only event is for about 20 ACF-LA members and is nearly full, but if you’d really like to come, drop me an email via my website or the link above. I’ll gently encourage you to join this terrific chapter, but nonetheless, if there’s still room you’re welcome to come.

  4. The ultimate counterpart to an already superlative site! Thanks for this.