Props to our amigo Tom Steenland who has been producing great avant-garde recordings on his Starkland label from Boulder for many years now.  It isn’t every day that a CD from a small label makes the New York Times but Phillip Bimstein’s Larkin Gifford’s Harmonica caught the attention of Steve Smith, who has livened up the Times immeasurably since he started writing over there.  Steve reviewed it yesterday, opining that “… the irresistible charm of Mr. Bimstein’s music has less to do with technology than with his uncanny knack for finding the music of everyday life.”  If you prefer, Tom has prepared a spiffy pdf file of the review and left it for you here.  Daniel Gilliam reviewed the CD for us here.

Elsewhere, another friend of the family, Marco Antonio Mazzini has posted a video of Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint (in which he plays the bass clarinet) here and here.  I hope he got permission.

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