This Mother’s Day, show her you care.  Nothing says “Thanks Mom” like a high-octane concert of Lachenmann, Ades, Nono, Alex Mincek, and Kyle Hillbrand.  And — just your luck — such a beast is roaring our way with David Hanlon’s Hold the Applause concert at Gallerie Icosahedron this Sunday at 5:30pm.  Of course, if you don’t love your Mom — or you live outside the Eastern timezone — your presence can be excused.  Otherwise, troops, forward march!  The various links will give you all the details you need.

One Response to “All Moms Love David Hanlon”
  1. Jacob Sudol says:

    “…a high-octane concert of…Nono, …”

    hahahaha! Fantastic! ….those are some words i’d never thought i’d see together in the same sentence.