The Composers Concordance is having a concert tomorrow night at 8PM at the Greenwich House Music School Renee Weiler Concert Hall, 46 Barrow Street which will star our very own Jeff Harrington.  Okay, there are some other composers on the program, too, but none as adventuresome or all-round lovable as our favorite geek-composer.  Paul Hoffmann will perform the New York premiere of Jeff’s brilliant Big Easy mashup, Blue Strider.  You’ll find the full schedule for the program here

5 Responses to “Blue Jeff”
  1. Thanks guys! I appreciate it… Steve, your realization will always be one of my favorites! Speaking of crab pots, I was in Florida last week on vacation (Sanibel Island in a mangrove swamp on some trail bikes) when I got a phone call from the pianist about ms. 30. I had to tell him, heh… I’m in a swamp now and away from the score but if ms. 30 is where it goes ‘bum de dum bum de dum bum de dum in that descending bit, yeah just leave that low note out.’

    That was fun! 😉

  2. David Salvage says:

    Good luck, Jeff!

  3. Steve Layton says:

    It sure is, Lawrence. I use a cup or two in the crab pot, and a jigger in the evening makes me sleep like a baby!

    Here’s wishing good luck, Jeff. Maybe if you get a good perf/recording you can finally retire my “mechanical” version 😉

  4. Blue Strider is great stuff.

  5. Tom Myron says:

    Bravissimo Mr. H! Wish I could be there.

    Rock on,