Okay, the person with the secret was John Cage. And, the title refers to the game show on CBS, broadcast in 1960. Yes, there was once a time when a figure like John Cage appeared on TV, on CBS, and performed one of his works. Outside of South Park and the Simpsons, when have you seen major composers on TV.?(Glass appears, as an animated character [not his voice] in South Park, and is mentioned a few times on the Simpsons.)

Anyway, back to Cage: you can see it here. Enjoy!

2 Responses to ““I’ve got a secret…””
  1. Ha….this made my day. Thanks for posting this!!!

  2. Rodney Lister says:

    Actually, Cage was on I’ve Got a Secret Twice–once just to play a piece of his (Alex Ross linked to this from his blog recently), the other, shortly after the first performance of Vexations, with the man who stayed through the entire performance and got all his money back (I can’t remember his name–also on Alex’s blog). I remember, when I was something of a tyke, seeing the second, but I can’t quite remember when that was.