Marco 004.JPG                           Marco Antonio Mazzini is a Peruvian clarinetist with an Italian name who lives in Belgium and plays with a Czech orchestra called the Ostravska Banda which–as fate would have it–is joining the Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble for a good-looking program (Brown, Wolpe, Stockhausen, Xenakis) of modern music at Zankel Hall Monday night.  There will be a preview performance Sunday night at the Willow Place Auditorium in Brooklyn Heights. Marco would be up for organizing a Sequenza21 concert in Ghent sometime if we have some Euro-interest.

4 Responses to “Multi-Culti”
  1. Wow! I was just in Brussels last week and am here in Prague (home of Petr Kotik) to record two wind pieces (Twenty-Eight & Three) by John Cage with Prague Winds and Susanna Borssh ( Parallel universes I guess.

  2. Marco says:

    Thanks Jerry for your kind words! I hope we can do something together soon… Ook bedankt Peter and Gawein!

  3. Maaaaan maaaarcoooo your the maaan!!!!

  4. Way to go, Marco! Proud to be your friend and collegue! If you’ll organise a Sequenza21 concert or meeting in Ghent, you can count on Thelema Trio for support and music!