We’ve gotten a lot (actually, three) requests for a “media kit” from potential advertisers recently.  We don’t actually have such a thing because we don’t actively look for advertising (the Lincoln Center folks and a couple of record companies sometimes contact me when they want to promote something and I charge them a few bucks–if I remember to send an invoice).  Sequenza21 is my hobby, my love and–thanks to all you nice folks who create an enormous amount of entertaining content in your comments, posts and forums–it is a remarkably inexpensive and low maintenance undertaking.

It occurs to me, though, that if we were a little more active in looking for sponsors or advertisers we might be able to do a few more things as a community–more S21 concerts, for example, perhaps in other cities or maybe a commissioning fund.  Maybe we could team up with a performing group.  (How about the Sequenza21 All-Stars?) 

So, here’s our media kit.  We get about 30,000 unique visitors a month and 60,000 page views–nearly all of them musicians or composers. In terms of influence, we rank near the top (Alex Ross) in the Technorati “classical music” rankings.  We have an extremely loyal following–more than 70% of the people who come here are returning visitors. 

We charge $150 a month for up to 145×145 pixels ad and $250 a month for a 145×290 pixels ad in the right sidebar.

If you’d like to become a $1,000 a year sponsor, you can have a
permanent 145×145 pixel ad (which you can change as often as you like); $1,500 gets you a permanent 145×190 ad for 12 months.  $2,500 gets you that–plus a blog@sequenza21 that you get to write yourself.

Of course, if you’re a regular and have no funding I’m happy to help you promote your project free.  I owe you nice folks more than you know.

2 Responses to “Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me?”
  1. Rob Deemer says:

    As one of those regulars who has very little funding but a valuable project (“The Composer Next Door”), I can’t thank you enough. I’ve gotten several e-mails through that link from composers and new music fans already – if anyone in the Sequenza21 community is interested – click the link.

    Click it.

    You know you want to.

  2. Hey Jerry — composers are musicians, too!

    My pixel-measuring chops are pretty weak. How many pixels are those ads on the right?