Greetings S21ers:

The OgreOgress gang has been having a swell time in Old Bohemia for the past month.  Last night I had the honor of recording John Cage’s Three with the multi-talented and very humorous German-born (and Amsterdam-based) recordist Susanna Borsch at the facilities of the Prague State Opera.

If you’re interested in the recorder I would encourage you to check out Borsch’s activities and be in contact. Of particular note to those in the US of A (apologies to Borat), Susanna’s eclectic new music “girl band” Electra will be in the Massachusetts area to perform Louis Andriessen in July and I am certain further bookings in the USA would be much appreciated.

But, wait, there’s more.  A few days prior I had the distinct honor of protesting George W. Bush and even got on the CBS Evening News (that is me next to Axelrod at the end of the report)…

… and a few weeks before that, I recorded Cage’s Twenty-
with the Prague Winds.

In short, having a wonderful time.  Wish you all were here.

3 Responses to “A Report From Prague”
  1. Daniel says:

    “Rounding out Hexnut is the vocalist Stephie Buttrich, known for her fiery use of extended vocal techniques.” So that’s what they call it! Pantera just become more academic.

  2. Adam Baratz says:

    Mass MOCA/North Adams (where Electra is playing) is in the Boston area in the same sense that Albany is (Albany is actually a slightly shorter drive).

  3. Trevor Hunter says:

    Susanna is also in the bizarrely amazing Hexnut, which just played at the MATA festival.