7 Responses to “Dead Cambodian Dictator Wins Britain’s Got Talent Contest”
  1. Daniel says:

    The best part was watching Simon Cowell squirm in his seat, trying to think of something negative to say…but, alas, he was faced with a facet of music he knows nothing about, whether that be the piece or the style of singing.

  2. David Salvage says:

    I’m stupid. I was thinking “Pol Pot” all along. But didn’t connect the pun. Sigh.

  3. Trevor Hunter says:

    Its one of the worst Nessun Dorma’s Ive heard, but still better than I would have expected to hear given the show.

  4. Eric Lin says:

    I thought the potential is there. He has the voice, but I thought parts of his Nessun Dorma was shaky. Of course, it was still better than most of the stuff that one hears or sees on these shows so there. I also thought his choice to singing an Andrew Lloyd Webber was unfortunate…

    Does the guy have a potential to become a great singer? Yes, if he doesn’t go off singing the crap Il Divo does. Is his singing NOW some of the best I’ve ever heard? The answer would be a no, by far.

  5. Jerry Bowles says:

    Why has nobody commented on the poor, dentally challenged chap’s singing?

  6. Eric Lin says:

    A rather unfortunate name…

  7. Hucbald says:

    Ah. Pol Pot. Took me a second.