For your dining and dancing pleasure–through the miracle of YouTube–Club Sequenza21 is delighted to present the talented violinist/composer Piotr Szewczyk performing short solo violin pieces by regulars Lawrence Dillon and Jeff Harrington, live and in color, as part of his Violin Futura program at Spoleto.  Roll ’em, Pete.

[youtube]xJGdeOUNokM [/youtube]

[youtube]z5yBrIFZIcs [/youtube] 

One Response to “Social Media and the Contemporary Composer”
  1. Piotr’s complete ‘suite’ of pieces at Spoleto.

    Carson Cooman, a sometimes poster here also has a piece on the program and check out Piotr’s work as a composer. Piotr is also a ‘working’ composer/performer and is now first violinist of the Jacksonville Symphony. (My hometown symphony as I spent most of my early childhood in Lake City, Florida).