Had a great time this morning on Marvin Rosen’s Classical Discoveries radio show in Princeton and on the worldwide Internets.  I didn’t get a chance to play as much of the Sequenza21 concert from last year as I would have liked because Frank (J. Oteri) and Marvin rudely insisted on talking and picking some stuff they wanted to play, too.  I did manage to sneak in Mary Jane Leach’s haunting oboe piece and Jeff Harrington’s three preludes which had the joint jumping.  And, of course, Frank’s very brief guitar piece with the unpronouceable Brazilian name which tied the whole thing together.  I left the CD with Marvin who has promised to play more of it in the coming weeks.  By the way, I was just teasing yesterday.  I chose the pieces I did because they each illustrated an idea that Marvin wanted to talk about.  I love you all…except maybe the guy who suggested I should stick to pop music. 

16 Responses to “The Morning Zoo at WPRB”
  1. Daniel G. says:

    You guys need to come play at WUOL in Louisville. No gas money, but I’ll buy you lunch 🙂

  2. Marvin Rosen says:

    Just wanted to say that I thought the radio program yesterday was absolutely spectacular thanks to my wonderful 2 guests Frank and Jerry!
    Will have to definitely have to do the morning zoo at WPRB Vol. 2 real soon!. Yesterday was so much fun!
    I actually liked the picture because no one could see my stomach.
    What a relief!


  3. Graham Rieper says:

    Man, that’s a tough one. “Bat out of Hell” was one of those albums that would have me changing radio stations when they played it, yet Reger, unless maybe it’s the Telemann or Bach Variations played by Bolet or Hamelin, isn’t much easier for me to take. Mr. Loaf has much the better coif, though.

  4. Graham, call me completely twisted, but I’m a much bigger fan of Max Reger than Meat Loaf despite Loaf’s long hair. So thanks for sharing 😉 Believe it or not, the guy who inspired my long hair length was Karlheinz Stockhausen, a hero of mine since I was a teenager. And then of course, I like to identify as someone who listens to long hair music…

  5. Wow! Very cool… Wish I could have heard it…

  6. Steve Layton says:

    Every time I look at this photo, I can’t help but picture the camera all set up for the remote shot, you guys in place & waiting… and waiting… and then one leg of the tripod slowly starts to collapse…

  7. David Salvage says:

    Just fantastic.

  8. Graham Rieper says:

    Actually, Michael Aday, aka Meat Loaf, is not a bad looking guy at all. It was more a ref to his late 70s hairstyle. And a joke! It could be much worse. This is what I look like on a good day:

  9. David Toub says:

    As a vegetarian myself, Frank, I’d probably be more insulted if I were confused with Karl Rove than with Meat Loaf. Jerry, you’re still a fellow liberal, right? Please tell me you haven’t gone over to the dark side and morphed into Turd Blossom…

  10. Chris Becker says:

    Frank, man – you look great. You look ten years younger than your age. Many men your age would kill for that head of hair! The music keeps you young!

  11. Jerry Bowles says:

    By the way, the show went so well I’m thinking Frank and I ought to work up a little Ebert and whoever replaced the dead guy act for cable TV but doing music reviews instead of films.

  12. Jerry Bowles says:

    As funny as it is (unfortunately) apt, Graham. I have another photo of Meatloaf and Kurt that I’ll post later once I finish a paying (boring) gig that I’m working on.

  13. Tom Myron says:

    In high school & college I used to get Shaun Cassidy, Warren Zevon and (when sporting the jumbo eyewear of the day) Elton John.

    I suspect that Graham is protecting his identity because he is either John Adams or Sir Harry Birtwistle.

    Meatloaf, BTW, is a great guy.

  14. Meatloaf? Good thing I’m not a vegetarian! I guess it’s better that being called Rasputin or Benny Hill (both have happened in the past). I’ve always thought that composers need to be more like rock stars, though admittedly probably not like that rock star…

    Indeed the photo is unflattering and perhaps all too posed. We tried for a live shot but there was too much glare from the sound-proofed window pane directly across from us. I guess this is further proof that one of the joys of radio is that folks don’t have to see it 🙂 But I also think that someone who posts a snarky comment about the way folks look who has no photos of him/herself online is not playing a completely fair game of poker.

  15. Graham Rieper says:

    OK, so it’s Karl Rove, Kurt Vonnegut and Meatloaf. What’s the story?

  16. everette minchew says:

    I was able to listen to a little bit of the show. I heard MJ Leach’s piece and enjoyed it. I wish I could’ve heard the rest of the show.