kurtag & ligetiRecent postings here notwithstanding, I swear I’m not on a complete György Ligeti kick; but it just so happens that the German-news-in-English website Sign and Sight has printed the translation of a speech György Kurtág gave in remembrance of his great friend, fellow Hungarian and fellow composer. (The occasion was Kurtág’s receiving the Ordre Pour le Merite in Berlin.)

The German version was originally published in August this year, in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. As a bonus, this article includes all the extra stuff that Kurtág never got to say during the ceremony.

It’s a beautiful, intensely intimate memoriam.

3 Responses to “A Tale of Two Györgys”
  1. Wow, Kurtag looks like the guy that led the Heaven’s Gate cult.

  2. Steve Layton says:

    Hey it’s almost Halloween, what’d you expect? 😉

  3. Eric Lin says:

    The speech is great…but that photo is just creepy. Even if it was doctored.