Andrew Cyr writes: 

Hi Jerry,

I just wanted to give you a heads up about a couple of things:

Avner Dorman, the composer we just cut an album with (in editing mode now), had some incredible news in Germany, which I think is potentially worthy of a post. His new percussion concerto was just premiered in Hamburg a few weeks ago, and was just added in a rare surprise programming shift, with Munich Symphony — when was the last time you heard an American symphony do something like that!  Check out the press release, which I received from his publisher, Schirmer.  You can have a look at his website, too, , for additional info too…

In Metropolis news, another very talented composer we’re
collaborating with, Ryan Francis (b.1981), has won a prestigious
commission from the American Composers Forum, for a piano concerto which we will premiere in April….  There’s pretty much complete info for you on that on our homepage, under NEWS (we’ve a blog post about it) — might be worthy of a post with you at some point, if you announce these kind of things.  I think Ryan is an incredibly talented composer to be watched…

Hope all is going well in the new year, and thanks for all your

All the best,


4 Responses to “The Sooner The Better”
  1. Ian Moss says:

    Good luck, Avner! Great to hear about the big news.

    I’ve been lurking here all along (I finally figured out how to set up RSS feeds), but I got caught up in all my life transitions and haven’t got back into the habit of posting. I’ve been at the Yale School of Management since August, studying nonprofit management with a particular focus in arts philanthropy. (That’s the focus in my head, anyway–so far, I’ve mostly been taking core classes looking at the Wal-Marts and Toyotas of the world, but electives start this semester.) I have a blog now called Createquity that chronicles my adventures at school and elsewhere.

    Still writing music, albeit at a slower pace than before. I finished a new choral piece in December that may receive a performance this summer. Will let everyone know about that if/when it comes to pass. Hope all is well here?

  2. Jerry Bowles says:

    Good luck, Avner. You got it, Ian. Where are you and what are you doing by the way. You just disappeared.

  3. Avner Dorman says:

    Thanks Andrew and Jerry for the post.

    One small correction – it is the Munich Philharmonic – one fantastic orchestra, I have to say!

    Wish me luck for tonight’s first concert 🙂

  4. Ian Moss says:

    Is the post title a reference to the Beatles’ “Please Mr. Postman”?