Our buddy Frank J. Oteri’s seldom seen bluegrass band, The String Messengers, will be pickin’ and grinnin’ tonight at the Cornelia Street Cafe, commencing at 8 pm.  The whole clan’ll be there: Frank J. York, Mandola Joe, their younger brothers Ratzo, Jeff, and Jon, as well as Uncle Murphy.

Opening up for the Messengers will be Frank’s new trio Tonally Perplexed which will introduce you to keys you never knew existed featuring Ratzo on bass and effects, Jeff on prepared guitar and Frank on the 205-tone-per-octave tonal plexus.

Admission is $10 plus a one-drink minimum but the bar is well-stocked (great taps, great wines, wide variety of spirits) and the food is also fabulous. Cornelia Street Cafe is located on 29 Cornelia Street (a tiny street that juts out of the southwest corner of West 4th Street and Avenue of the Americas, a.k.a. 6th Avenue and deadends on Bleecker Street). It is in close proximity to the A,B,C,D,E,F,V West 4th Street subway station as well as the Christopher Street 1 train station. 

Here’s a look at the boys in action during a previous visit to the Big City:


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