Composer, artist, Fluxus member, Scratch Orchestra member, John Cage associate, and chemist George Brecht died in a nursing home in Cologne, Germany, on Friday, December 5th.  Brecht, who was born George MacDiarmid but took Bertolt Brecht’s name in homage,  was one of the most significant and influential avant garde artists of the 1960s.  The title of this post refers to a document (page 17 of the linked PDF file) Brecht wrote for Fluxus in 1969 in which he proposes “moving landmasses over the surface of the earth” using conveyances such as icebergs or massive amounts of styrofoam, since his made-up company feels that it will be “technologically realizable within ten years.”

In searching the web for information on Brecht I also discovered that project.arnolfini, an online division of the British Arnolfini museum, is organizing a worldwide performance of Brecht’s “Motor Vehicle Sundown (Event)” at sundown (in your own location) on January 10, 2009.  The event was planned prior to Brecht’s death, and I assume it will take on something of a memorial quality now.

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