6 Responses to “A Little World Cup Music”
  1. Luciano Chessa says:

    Yep, it’s 50 yrs old!
    Actually, I just played in Rome LMY’s Composition 1960 # 9. I made my own version at the Dan Bau, but credited it properly.

  2. Christian says:

    I didn’t know that La Monte Young read Pitchfork!

  3. La Monte Young says:

    My lawyers are about to sue the entire world for copyright infringement. You can’t just lower the key a half step and call it your own.

    Composition 1960 #7:

    Kidding aside, it’s hard to believe that piece is 50 years old.

    Covered in Pitchfork too:

  4. Sparky P. says:

    And I would have sprinkled in ocassional measures of, say, 9/16, 5/2, 8/8 (with some tripled sprinkled in) and 17/4, all keeping the sustaining intact.

  5. Chris Becker says:

    LOL! I think the note is actually bent down a few cents…a friend of mine figured it out God bless him…

  6. GCComposer says:

    Hilarious. Though I could imagine some dynamics and assume they have their circular breathing technique down.