North Adams MA’s summer claim to fame, the Bang on a Can summer music fest, has been going great guns the past week, and wraps up Saturday, July 31, with the rural version of BOAC’s Marathon concert spectacle. Kicking off at 4pm, it will include Steve Reich’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Double Sextet, Arvo Part’s classic Fratres in a version for percussion and string orchestra; Julia Wolfe‘s blazing Fuel for string orchestra, with a film by legendary experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison (Decasia). Plus a new work by Swiss post-jazz master and ECM records mainstay Nik Baertsch, Evan Ziporyn dressing up Balinese music in ripped jeans in his Music from Shadowbang, an ensemble of Uzbekis come half way around the globe just to shake up North Adams, Christine Southworth‘s electrifying concerto Zap originally written for Van de Graaf generator and ensemble, pattern master Tom Johnson‘s translation of an ancient Indian math problem into a minimalist masterpiece, and much more. Tickets are $22, and directions are here. If you’re adventurous, free and mobile it sounds like a great way to escape the city swelter.

2 Responses to “BOAC Marathon redux at MASS MoCA”
  1. Steve Layton says:

    Following this the last few years I’d have to agree, David. Now, speaking for the other 4/5ths of the country — and not taking anything away from the fantastic location and support of MASS MoCA — I’d just plant a little seed by saying “now take it on the road!”

  2. david lang says:

    thanks for the mention!

    the concert was a blast. it really is one of the most exciting and rewarding things I do all year – that a bunch of strangers from all around the world come together and then 3 weeks later put on such a great concert is always very inspiring. not to mention all the great music that gets made along the way….