Composer, violinist, and performance/video artist Laurie Anderson has never been one to rest on her laurels. But Homeland, her latest project for Nonesuch takes her farther afield than she’s previously been.

Rather than staying at home to record, Anderson developed the album’s songs over a two year period of touring. And, for the first time, she’s involved her partner Lou Reed in a collaborative recording process (he receives a co-producer credit). The results sound recognizable as songs by Laurie Anderson; but the sonic formula has been tweaked – indeed, refreshed – by the risks taken and departures made during the recording process.

A recurring character is Fenway Bergamot, Anderson’s “male alter-ego,” who graces the album cover and performs on the recording.

Below are a couple of “making of” videos Nonesuch has posted to YouTube.

One Response to “Laurie Anderson talks about “Homeland””
  1. Chris Becker says:

    Yay! My wife and I got to see and hear Anderson perform a voice and keyboard only version of “Only an Expert” at a benefit concert in NYC and it was electric! Actually, she and Lou Reed pretty much stole the show that night.

    I’d seen Anderson live three – no, four times in two different states (Ohio and Texas) – but nevertheless hearing “…Expert.” for the first time that night – I wast totally caught up in her break neck delivery, her humor, and her totally unique musical approach. She/he still has it 🙂 And I haven’t even heard the new CD yet…