Fanfare, please.  From the creators of Sequenza21 comes a new web community–Chamber Musician Today.  Something like that anyway.  Go over and register and you’ll find there are lots of neat things you can do there.  You can blog directly on the site whenever you feel like it, you can post concerts and announcements to the Calendar page, you can review a CD, comment, add a profile, even add your existing blog feed to the Autopost and the software will automatically pull in your last 10 posts and all new ones.  The ones that are on target (i.e., have something to do with chamber music) will mysteriously appear at Chamber Musician Today, as well as your own blog, multiplying your readership into the dozens.

The site is pretty easy to use.  Once you register and log in, the green dashboard on the right contains all the links you’ll need.   Remember that whatever user name you choose is what will appear on your posts and comments.

Some of you may recall that I previewed the site several weeks ago under the name Chamber Music Now but our friends at were concerned that it might encroach on them a bit so–because I am an incredibly nice human being–I decided to go with Chamber Musician Today instead although it’s really not as good and cost me another $350 for a new software license but who’s counting?

Consider this a beta opening (which is what web people say when they aren’t sure if all the buttons work right yet).   If you see something that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, please let me know.

One Response to “Chamber Musician Today is Open (More or Less) for Your Browsing Pleasure”
  1. Christian says:


    You’re a mensch for changing the name – and for paying for the second site license! We’ll have to start calling it by a snappy nickname – acronyms could work: CMT! Oh wait… that’s Country Music Television…

    Congrats on expanding the web community for chamber music!