Sure, you’ve seen the mesmerizing Godfrey Reggio film KOYAANISQATSI: Life Out of Balance with its breathtaking music by Philip Glass. Maybe, several times. But, you’ve never seen it projected on a huge screen above the Avery Fisher Hall stage while the New York Philharmonic plays the haunting Glass score live.

Now you can. On November 2-3, the NYPhil, Philip Glass, and the Philip Glass Ensemble and the Collegiate Chorale will be doing just that in an extraordinary once–okay, twice–in a lifetime event. The show starts both nights at 7:30.

Equal parts documentary, tone poem and visual concert, this revolutionary 1982 film portrays the relationship between humans, nature and technology. Here’s a preview of coming attractions:

One Response to “Merry Christmas, Glassiacs”
  1. BipperBali says:

    It’s actually kind of funny and interesting. The NY Phil, who have so far avoided ever playing any Glass are billing this as “the first time NY Phil audiences will have the chance to hear Philip Glass’ music at Avery Fisher Hall.”

    I think that’s funny on many levels. Not only has Glass been played frequently in every other concert hall in New York, but he’s played Avery Fisher (Music in 12 Parts, Songs from Liquid Days) INCLUDING…wait for it…KOYAANISQATSI WITH AN ORCHESTRA.

    The first time Koyaanisqatsi was ever done live was at Avery Fisher, with a 40 person ensemble. This time around though, it’s the grand treatment. I heard it at the Hollywood Bowl and it’s super cool. But the truth is the NY Phil has been sheltering their audience from Glass for the last 40 years.