I’ve never been a Twitter fan.  Very few people have ever said anything worthwhile in 144 characters and I’m not one of them.  The chances are good that you aren’t either.  But, I LOVE Google+  Easy to share music and all kinds of neat stuff, have real conversations that you can actually follow, and an incredible filtering system for us passive aggressives.  For example, I “circle” everyone who circles me but the people I don’t really want to follow (relatives, people who might vote for Herman Cain, people who were home-schooled or sell real estate) I put in a circle labeled “People I Don’t Really Want to Talk To.”  And, I never look at that stream.  On the other hand, I have a circle for Composers and Musicians that has more then 900 names in it and I follow it several times a day.  (About 400 of them are guitar players which doesn’t really count…just kidding).  I’d be happy to share them with you if you like.  In fact, here are 500 now:  Jerry’s G+ Musicians Circle.

But, I digress.  If you’d really like to hablo avec and share ideas with me, Steve or Christian, you’ll find us at:

+Jerry Bowles

+Steve Layton

+Christian Carey

Christian and I are a lot more active on G+ than Steve so far but we’re working on him.

If you’re a G+er, leave your link in the comments and I’ll add you to the Sequenza21 circle I’m putting together.

7 Responses to “Let’s Chat on Google+”
  1. anonymous says:

    The question is do any of you have the guts to video chat at G+ in a large group (up to 10+)? Had a fun time with that around a month ago. Anyway, all large social networks a the same. Might as well sign up for all of them and use twitter as a central posting tool.

  2. I think that while Google has certainly had its misses in this area (for example, Buzz, which is officially dying soon), G+ looks to me like it will be a success story, not least because it has extreme ease of use and – much better than facebook – reliably privacy.

    I am compelled to use facebook because of the facebook culture at my university, but I dislike it intensely. Though it allows collaboration, that never feels like its main purpose (which, it seems to me, is the promotion of vanity). G+ is what a social network should be.

    You can find me at the following link (FYI: I’m an undergraduate student of medieval English with a passion for new music and composition 🙂 ):


  3. Christian says:

    Social networks needn’t be one size fits all. I enjoy different things about different platforms. Twitter has become a big part of my social media profile (I’m at http://www.twitter.com/cbcarey), but once G+ allows one to embed audio more easily, it may trump the others for me in terms of one-stop shopping.

    And while I’m still active on FB, I’m finding two things frustrating of late. One is the hyperkinetic news feed. The other is that, since the last update, FB won’t import the pictures from my blog when I post Sequenza 21 articles on my wall. I’ve written to them about it to no avail. If anyone has ideas why this changed, I’m all ears.

    Tumblr can be a useful resource too. My site (www.fileunder.tumblr.com) I use to augment my S21 blog with more media content that dovetails with my postings here.

  4. Jerry Bowles says:

    I’ve only been in New York 45 years; you’d think I could get it right. For me, FB is too big and generates more noise than I want or need. I feel about Twitter the way I feel about the craps table in Vegas–by the time I decide what I want to do there’s already been 10 more rolls of the dice.

  5. david toub says:

    FB has over 800 million users. The Group for New Music Composers and Ensembles on Facebook has over 3000 participants from across the globe. So there’s already a good saturation of new music types, that’s all I’m saying. It also seems that many of your circle are already on FB.

    Twitter won’t go away. It’s too important a social force, and they are (regrettably) doing things precisely to monatize their product. I’m a socialist at heart, Jerry, and would love to see more things that aren’t all focused on making a small group of people rich. Craigslist is a good example of that.

    BTW, good atheist that I am, it’s “mazel tov.”

  6. Jerry Bowles says:

    Hey, Mozeltov. Whatever works best for you. Last time I checked, though, G+ had more than 40 million users which is enough population for me. If I were a betting man, I’d guess that Twitter is the service that will go away since nobody seems to have thought of a way to make decent money from it. What I especially like is that Google has hundreds of employees online, listening, collecting ideas, and talking directly to users about ways to add features and improve the service.

  7. david toub says:

    Not to rain on anyone’s choice of a social network (if it works for you, great), but I’m on too many networks as it is and for all its warts, FB works pretty well for me. So does twitter. There are many large new music communities on FB, and tools like soundcloud make it easy to circulate music on FB and twitter. Google+ has a very uncertain future. I remember when folks here pushed me to join what was a major social network for musicians years ago (I think it was called MySpace; anyone heard of it?). Well, that was ok for about two years and then more or less died. Same with all the free Ning sites that sprung up. So while I may miss the party in G+, there are plenty of folks on FB and twitter who are involved with new music. I’m just not understanding why G+ is significantly better or more appropriate for us new music types. Far fewer people are on google+; that’s just the reality. And I trust google even less with private data than FB, and I don’t trust FB at all.

    Sorry, but while I can understand someone’s aversion to twitter’s limitations, I’m not understanding why Google’s underpopulated network is being endorsed without any mention of FB.