The world has reached a sad state when our individual and institutional  worth is measured by how many people like us on a social media web site.  But, alas, these are modern times and in the spirit of getting with the program, we have created a Sequenza 21 Facebook page where we are cheerfully posting and reposting daily the new music community’s responses to the relevant news and happenings of the day.  You might say that making Mark Zuckerberg richer and more devious on the slippery slope of privacy rights has become a passion of ours.  If they can now x-ray your privates as you pass through airport security, what else do we have to lose?

But I digress.  Right now on the Sequenza21 page, you’ll find many of the obits, tributes, and reflections on the passing of Dave Brubeck and Jonathan Harvey, as well as samples of works completed and started, favorite YouTube videos, and the usual bitches and moans about the sorry state of the classical music business.  We’d love to have you join us.  We might even report your latest concert or CD announcement.  Come on over.

And don’t forget to hit the “Like” button.


5 Responses to “Do you really, really like us?”
  1. Eduardo says:

    It’s impressive how facebook is becoming so pervasive in all areas of people’s lives. Some people find it odd if you don’t have a facebook page.
    I don’t think it’s for me yet. So far my web presence will be mostly on A site devoted to producing sheet music adapted to Kindles and other e-readers.

  2. BTW, here’s the original group that David Salvage set up back in 2008:

    Apparently, when FB switched over to its new group formats, something hmmm…

  3. Thomas Nile says:

    This is the single darkest post I’ve ever read. Bitter resignation is hard to watch.

  4. Debussy says:

    That’s great news you have a Facebook page! I didn’t know about it…

  5. Very nice. Jerry.

    One must be available. come what may.