This article points up a very serious and potentially catastrophic, it seems to me, situation which everybody should know about. There is a very possibility that the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, which is clearly one of the preeminent summer music programs for pre-college students (and a very important program for pre-college composers) in the United States, may not exist NEXT YEAR. Tell all your friends….

One Response to “BUTI emergency”
  1. Lansingo says:

    What a tragedy that would be! While there is no shortage of great summer programs for young college-age composers, there are precious few for high school age composers. I’ve been fortunate to be a Guest Composer at BUTI twice in the past six years, and have been so impressed with the young composers and the program itself.
    While losing BUTI would be “unfortunate” for the performers, there are other places to go; but for young composers, this would be a travesty.