“One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.”

– Lou Reed

Much of my music passes the above “into jazz” marker. That said, Lou Reed taught me a great deal about productivity, creativity, and the maxim that “sometimes, less is more.”

Sad tonight for Laurie Anderson, and for us, who are deprived of more “more with less.”

4 Responses to “RIP Lou Reed (1942-2013)”
  1. Christoph says:

    He will be missed :( I had one of my most magical moments on my piano with his songs. My wife can confirm this. Said to see him go.

  2. Sparky P. says:

    To me, Lou Reed was the first rock performer who never really “sang”; his vocal style was always more of a Sprechstimme quality.

  3. That’s been a long time coming. The second record I ever bought in high school was White Light, White Heat. Seeing VU at the Bottom Line was my spouse’s first and only rock concert. Good bye, Lou…

  4. Jack says:

    Bye LOU :(