Summer ad Parnassum (1:1 Mixolydian)

It occurred to me that if I kept posting one of these a day it would take too long. Also, I did all these 1:1 exercises one evening and they keep sitting here on my desk. Quietly mocking me.

1:1 Above Cantus

What I like: I like that after 4 of these things I see trends in my writing. I peak early and then gradually move towards a cadence. This could be considered either good or bad. I do like the mixolydian-ness of the last few notes, though.

What I don’t like: I really would like to be able to do one of these without immediate repetition of a pitch. Is it legal? Yes. Desirable? I don’t think so. I dislike both voices leaping in similar motion in measures 7-8 but it is better than leaping in parallel motion in measures 3-4 and 8-9.

1:1 Below Cantus

What I like: Not very much. It obeys all the rules in the most general and technically correct ways possible. I cannot find anything in the chapter that specifically forbids anything in this abomination.

What I don’t like: Just about everything. My counterpoint has a narrow range and seems to fixate on G-F-E. Every once in a while it branches out to a low or high note but otherwise the thing just sits on those three pitches. I really should have done this one over before putting it where both of you (David and Peter) would see it. Again, this thing might be technically correct but I find it lacks elegance and artistry.

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