Summer ad Parnassum (1:1 Ionian)

Okay, this completes my 1:1 exercises. Next week I’ll work through the 2:1 exercises. I’ll restrict my posting to once a day, I promise!

This cantus wasn’t included in the chapter. Instead I had to dig through the 2:1 exercises to find this particular CF. I’m not surprised, I think this is the weakest of the Fux canti.

1:1 Above Cantus

What I like: Meh. It works. There is a peak note (which I leapt to and away from, thanks for pointing out that trend, Brian!).

What I don’t like: Waaaaaaaaaaay too much similar motion. That peak note is awfully detached (connected via the arpeggiated triad). My counterpoint really reflects my attitude towards this particular cantus: meh.

1:1 Below Cantus

What I like: Do you like detached and spastic counterpoints? Then this is the counterpoint for you! Nah, for the most part this is okay but that D in measure 9 is a problem. I didn’t want to do an octave (although there is no reason why I couldn’t do that here). I like how I balance the leaps of the beginning with the scale descent to measure 7.

What I don’t like: A lot, especially towards the end. Maybe I should have gone G-A-C in measures 8-10. Actually, that would be a lot better.

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