Summer ad Parnassum (2:1 Mixolydian)

2:1 Above Cantus

What I like: This one has a more generic arch shape that works nicely. I feel like the leaps are well compensated and, while there are gaps, those gaps are filled in rather nicely. I also like that my peak note is dissonant to tonic.  That makes me happy.

What I don’t like: I have yet to make a counterpoint that uses the shapes I like in melodies. They all obey the rules, they all would be acceptable to Aloys, but the diatonic/modal nature just ain’t me.

2:1 Below Cantus

What I like: Again I like the general contour. The rest is fairly unremarkable. I do like the similarities of mm 1-3 and 3-5, 7-8 and 10-11.

What I don’t like: I fear the similarities are really coming across as repetition. Mm 8-9 just get stuck, too. In measure 12, I really wanted to use a C instead of a B, but neighbor notes are still verboten. On the one hand, I get a nice low note out of it. On the other, I have a hiccup in the line (leaping to and away from the note makes it feel disconnected from the rest).

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