Summer ad Parnassum (4:1 Lydian)

4:1 Above Cantus

What I like: This one isn’t just running scales up and down. There is more character here and I think I tie the wide range of the counterpoint together nicely. The voice crossings, totally allowed (even encouraged) by Fux make me feel like I’m doing something wrong.

What I don’t like: I feel disconnected writing melodies this way. Yes, everything works and sounds good but the experience is becoming more sterile all the time. What I’m gaining from correctness is being countered by a distinct lack of personality. I need to address that issue pronto.

4:1 Below Cantus

What I like: Again, I think the wide range in the counterpoint is balanced well. Any big leaps and such are filled in and there are no holes or gaps.

What I don’t like: The first half of this melody twists around F too much. Once I break away (measure 7, especially) I think the counterpoint gets its own life back.

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