Summer ad Parnassum (4:1 Mixolydian)

4:1 Above Cantus

What I like: Well, it won’t cause the Earth to crash into the Sun. I like that I’m using more leaps and being almost cavalier about it.

What I don’t like: I like the terraced steps of the opening being stitched together by the long descent in measure 4-6.┬áThere is a battuta move in measure 11 but I’m over it. It is on a very weak beat and if Aloys has a problem with it, he knows where to find me.

4:1 Below Cantus

What I like: I tend to like my lower counterpoints more than my uppers. I think this one is more coherent and independent. Yes, I leap a sixth in measure 3. It is an ascending m6 which is totally legit. If you have a problem with that, get in line behind Aloys.

What I don’t like: Given the fact that it has been over 10 days since my last exercise, I’m running out of gas. I am becoming jaded. This project is becoming the equivalent of doing crosswords to improve your novel writing. My students are going to feel this exact same way. It is important to keep this perspective in mind and strive for contemporary relevance of the material.

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  1. Sean Curtice
    Posted August 8, 2012 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    All of the images have disappeared from these?!

  2. Posted August 8, 2012 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for catching, that, Sean! I recently made some substantial changes to my website and had moved the directory that held all these files. It should work now!

  3. Sean Curtice
    Posted August 10, 2012 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

    Excellent! Still addicted to Fux so I consult these often.

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