Summer ad Parnassum (4:1 Aeolian)

4:1 Above Cantus

What I like: I like the first half of this a lot. I had tremendous troubles with measures 3 and 4 since I was hoping beyond hope to have a cambiata in measure 4. This reinforces my “make a plan and you’ll only have to rebel against your plan” lessons that I have learned from composition. Once I eliminated the cambiata in measure 4, everything worked out perfectly. Or, for you Buddhists out there, once I rid myself of my attachment to the cambiata my suffering vanished. Same thing.

What I don’t like: This might be too motivic for a pure species counterpoint lens. I have two measures which are nothing more than sequences of the previous measures. Might not be cricket but I’m going to sleep okay tonight anyway. Also, the range is a bit on the…shall we say…generous side.

4:1 Below Cantus

What I like: Again I like the shape of this one over the shape of the upper exercise. I enjoy the octave drops and fill ins and the overall leaptastic nature of this particular counterpoint.

What I don’t like: No real peak here, I slam your ears against the middle C three times and never once break through. And again that range is rather wide.

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