Summer ad Parnassum (4:1 Ionian)

4:1 Above Cantus

What I like: I like the ease at which I can produce these things now. When I started this podcast, none of these ideas were new and foreign but there were a few details that were revelations to me (like not allowing neighbor tones *grumble grumble*). Now that I’m done with the 4:1 exercises I notice that my tactical approach has improved. I’m seeing many more notes in advance and can make better choices sooner, avoiding problem spots.

What I don’t like: All that aside, there are some problems here. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but the counterpoint is TOO stepwise. Especially in the last four measures. I also repeat my peak note. I’m okay with this since I approach them very differently. The first time I leap up to it and the second time it is through stepwise motion. I don’t hear those two Gs the same way.

4:1 Below Cantus

What I like: I don’t know what it is about lower counterpoints that are so much easier and more satisfying for me. I really like this one.

What I don’t like: That range is a bit much and it isn’t technically comfortable for the basic lower voice types (goes a little low for tenors, a little high for basses). Let’s pretend the lower instrument is a bassoon, shall we? It would sound GREAT on bassoon.

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