Best analogy of the semester (so far)

Today, in counterpoint, I think I had a breakthrough. Someone asked about chromaticism and, after talking about how chromaticism will be brought in as an ornament to the diatonic structures which underlie species counterpoint, I started talking about how late Romantics just used the chromaticism and assumed you’d fill in the diatonic underpinnings yourself. It was assumed, like how my students understand that kthanxby isn’t a real word but a reference to other words not being said.

Then it hit me: Late Romanticism is like sex on television. A whole lot of energy is devoted to people actually doing it but you, the viewer, never see it happen. You assume it does based on the surrounding situations but the fact that you didn’t actually see the act doesn’t change anything.

Believe it or not, I make these analogies up as I go…

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