My Year of Opera: Muppet Christmas Carol

Sounds like a desperate post, doesn’t it? But, in the context of everything else, why not? I talked about Frozen, Once More With Feeling, and Dr. Horrible. While there are many holiday specials with all sorts of horrible musical numbers, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol has some really good tunes, is rather funny, and is one of the few holiday-themed bits of entertainment that I encourage. It is awfully cute, even though Michael Caine can’t sing (and thankfully sings very little).

As a bonus, the Muppets are critical to my daughter’s development because they have a lot of meta-humor. That is important to me. My favorite Muppet movie remains The Great Muppet Caper largely because of the copious meta-humor. The first musical number of that movie “Hey, a Movie!” is a classic example not to mention all the cameos. The only fault of that movie is that Prunella Scales doesn’t play John Cleese’s wife. See? Now the movie is perfect.

My wife and I agree that the Ghost of Christmas Present is the best ghost of the movie (and has the best song). My personal favorite scene is watching Animal play the triangle during the Fozziwig Christmas Party.

If you have been playing along with this blog all year, you know that there is only 1 week left. I’m saving the best for last. An opera that I can’t believe I’m actually getting a chance to see. I’ll report back later this week and then do a 2013 Best Of list!

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