an opera inspired by the Museum of Jurassic Technology

REDCAT, Los Angeles
Thursday-Sunday October 12-15, 2006
(Thurs-Sat 8:30pm, Sun 3pm)
631 W 2nd Street, LA 90012
Box Office: 213 237 2800

Wunderkabinet is an experimental multi-media opera developed by composer/performer Pamela Z in collaboration with cellist/composer Matthew Brubeck and media artist Christina McPhee. Scored for voice & electronics, cello & electronics, & video, the piece is inspired by and based on the exhibits displayed at the enchanting and renowned Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles. Wunderkabinet (which premiered in September of 2005 with a two-week run at The LAB Gallery in San Francisco) will be presented at REDCAT in Los Angeles October 12-15, 2006.

The boundary between reality and imagination is blurred as Wunderkabinet’s central character “Alice May Williams” makes her strange and magical journey in search of the scientists of the Mount Wilson Observatory to whom she has been sending abundant correspondence, only to find herself in a strange cabinet of curiosities where she eventually becomes a docent.

For the REDCAT performances, Pamela Z (voice and live electronic processing) will be joined by Alex Kelly on cello & electronics. The piece is performed in a multi-layered set (designed by Pamela Z) which constantly shifts and changes as it is bathed in Christina McFee’s projected images and Elaine Buckholtz’ lighting design, evoking the dark yet radiant focus of the museum’s dioramas. The score (composed by Z and Brubeck) utilizes bowed and plucked strings, sampled text and objects, and a wide range of vocal work ranging from operatic bel canto to experimental extended vocal techniques and spoken text. The libretto is derived from passages of actual descriptive texts from the Museum of Jurassic Technology’s exhibitions and stories inspired by them.

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