London, New York Artist Showcase with New Amsterdam Records

March 18th, at Le Poisson Rouge, 7:30pm

Event will be hosted by Composer Gabriel Prokofiev

Supported by PRS Foundation for New Music and British Music Abroad

“One of London’s bravest and most creative nights out” – Eddy Lawrence, Time Out

A new music scene is currently emerging in London. Over the last few years ‘classical club-nights’ have started to become a rare but growing feature in the night-life of London. This has been fuelled by the new generation of classical performers, composers and promoters who are redefining the rules, and breaking out of the constraints of the traditional classical concert hall.

At the forefront of this new British movement is Nonclassical. Founded by composer Gabriel Prokofiev in 2003, Nonclassical is a club-night, UK based record label, and possibly a new genre of music. The club-night is at The Macbeth (an old, live-music pub in Shoreditch, East London), and has found an audience among young music lovers who are searching for the latest exciting developments in music. Each month innovative and virtuosic young classical musicians from the UK blow away audiences with their incredible musicianship & fresh compositions.

Meanwhile in New York, New Amsterdam Records, hailed by New York magazine as the “virtual headquarters” of the city’s thriving new music scene, has been building an ever-growing community of musicians and fans through sold-out concert presentations at Le Poisson Rouge, Joe’s Pub, Galapagos, Glasslands, and other club venues.

New Amsterdam is proud to join hands across the water with Nonclassical to host an evening of exciting artists from both labels (and cities) at Le Poisson Rouge. The New York-based NOW Ensemble, hailed by Alex Ross as “a deft young group gaining attention,” and groundbreaking percussionist Samuel Z. Solomon will perform on behalf of New Amsterdam, while the Elysian Quartet, violin/laptop duo John Matthias & Nick Ryan, and composer/DJ Gabriel Prokofiev (the Russian master’s grandson) will represent Nonclassical’s roster.

THE ARTISTS: Nonclassical

Gabriel Prokofiev (resident DJ, composer & Host)

Aided by the genre-bending remixes released by the Nonclassical label, his DJ-sets create a unique musical atmosphere never normally encountered in a bar or club.

“Prokofiev is returning classical music to its populist roots by trading ideas with dance music” The Guardian Guide.

The Elysian Quartet

More like a band than a classical group. Supported Hot Chip and toured with Killa Kela

“Feisty boundary pushers, four supremely talented classical musicians'” Metro

John Matthias & Nick Ryan (Violin & Laptop)

The groundbreaking album Cortical Songs included remixes by Thom Yorke, Jem Finer among others.

“… one of the year’s most refreshing listens 7/10″ NME.

THE ARTISTS: New Amsterdam

NOW Ensemble

“A polished, versatile chamber group… Despite their diversity, what unites these pieces is the way they combine the formal elegance of chamber music with a pop-honed concision and rhythmic vitality.” Steve Smith, Time Out New York

Samuel Z. Solomon, percussion

Co-founder of the Yesaroun’ Duo, featured in recitals in Italy, Cuba, and throughout the Northeastern U.S. Recently heard in the world premiere of Eight Songs, Jefferson Friedman’s collaboration with Crom-Tech.

“Sam Solomon’s performance was elegant, eloquent, and full of pazazz. He played each of the pieces as though it was the most important thing in the world.”

NONCLASSICAL London, New York City Artist Showcase with New Amsterdam Records at Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, on March 18th at 7:30pm

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