Elodie LautenLower East Side Performing Arts, Inc., Elodie Lauten, Director, presents the first two performances of the third season of the Op on Screen Festival on Thursday, October 15 at 6 PM and Saturday, October 17 at 2 PM at the Hamilton Fish Park Branch of the New York Public Library, 415 Houston Street (near Ave D) in Manhattan.

This years’ focus will be Interactive/Inter-Generation Performances. The first two presentations are as follows:

October 15 – Rainbow Resonance is an interactive performance installation by Sofia Paraskeva, where the audience is encouraged to stand in front of a screen where simple vertical and horizontal movements can trigger a personal experience of sounds and colors. The installation is a “computer vision” interactive art project that generates the mapping of colors to musical compositions through equivalent sound frequencies according to a software program created by the artist.

October 17 – Voices for Speakers by Lesley Flanigan uses vocalizations and feedback technology to create an interactive sound environment. This is a 30′ performance for custom-made speakers producing musical feedback sounds combined with vocalizations to create an immersive sound environment of intersecting tones, melodies, and rhythms that relate speaker amplification and the human voice to dimensions of space and communication.

All performances are free and open to the public. For more information, call 212-388-0202 or visit http://www.lesperformingarts.org/ for complete schedule and program information.

This program, curated by NYU Interactive Technology graduate Sofia Paraskeva along with LESPA Artistic Director Elodie Lauten (http://www.elodielauten.net), directly relates to the community of juniors and seniors who represent the majority of library users by showing collaborative work between two generations of women artists and composers: senior, established artists and young emerging artists who bring their knowledge of leading edge interactive technology.

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