Please join us on Monday, April 26 at Roulette in NYC for an exciting immersive mixed-media concert event, as Collide-O-Scope Music presents its first in a series of experiential concerts devoted to the close interinvolvement of a variety of media forms, both sonic and visual, both acoustic and electronic. The program will feature a performance of Books I and II of John Cage’s seminal, yet rarely performed, Music of Changes. Also featured on the program is the arresting Rendition for bass clarinet and piano by Jason Eckardt, engaging and provocative recent works by Stephen Gorbos, Christopher Bailey, David Smooke, and Milton Babbitt, and finally a not to be missed performance of Edmund Campion’s Natural Selection: a real-time improvisation environment commissioned by IRCAM, and designed for MIDI-equipped acoustic piano. The musical works will be complemented at times by a unique set of dynamically assembled visual materials comprised of original artworks drawn from the images and ideography of the I Ching by artist Michelle Chen, as well as video and text montages which draw from a variety of ephemeral and avant-garde short films for their source.

The performers on the concert are Alejandro Acierto, clarinet, Augustus Arnone, piano, Stephen Gobos and Christopher Bailey, live electronics. They have appeared at Carnegie’s Weill Hall, Merkin Concert Hall, BargeMusic, and have appeared with such groups as the Argento Chamber Ensemble, and the International Contemporary Ensemble. The Colllide-O-Scope Music Project was recently formed by pianist Augustus Arnone and composers Stephen Gorbos and Christopher Bailey.

Tickets:  $15, $10 with a valid student ID

For further information, please visit the website at

Stephen Gorbos: Sorrows with the Moon (2002)**
Edmund Campion: Natural Selection (1996-present)
Stephen Gorbos: Chez Monk (2008)
David Smooke:  Labyrinth I:  Can Daedalus still dream of flying (2009)**
Milton Babbitt: The Old Order Changeth (1998)


Christopher Bailey: Harvest Kitchen IIa (2010)**
Stephen Gorbos: On the Whiteness of the Whale (2006/9)**
Jason Eckardt: Rendition (2006)
John Cage: Music of Changes, Books I and II (1951)

** New York Premiere

“By imposing unvisualizable relationships that are the result of instant speed, electric technology dethrones the visual sense and restores us to the dominion of synesthesia, and the close interinvolvement of the other senses.” — McLuhan (1967)

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