Catherine Manoukian with Staatskapelle Weimar, July 2011

Visit Catherine Manoukian’s blog to read about her recent recording session with the Staatskapelle Weimar for her next album, which will feature several pieces by Edward Elgar. See below for an excerpt…

“Stefan [Solyom] and I just completed recording our first CD together and are very pleased with how it went. We did Elgar’s “Salut d’Amour” and “Offertoire” (with Stefan on piano) in studio a couple of weeks ago. Then, a few days ago, we recorded his violin concerto live, in concert, with the Staatskapelle Weimar.

Why did we decide to record in this way? Well, the Elgar concerto is often accused of being “too long” (over 50 minutes) and, consequently, of losing energy and integrity as it goes on. Our view was that the apparent loss of energy stems not from its length (which, when you consider the piano literature, is considerable, but not unheard of), but, rather, from its inherent need for a continual push for momentum. Studio recordings, however, are notoriously problematic in this exact way: the luxury of retakes, overediting, and the absence of an audience’s attention all have a tendency to halt the kind of momentum that’s a given in concert. What we wanted most was to preserve this aspect, so making the recording out of a concert seemed like the most natural solution.”

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